about us

About us

Radiant Heating Solutions and its previous companies have been involved with advanced heating technologies for over 25 years.  We were the first UK Company to develop and market an oil fired condensing boiler.  These boilers were way ahead of their time and all had integrated energy management controls.  We still manufacture these boilers today for bespoke projects that require an exceptional high performance boiler. 

Our own consultant engineers have been designing integrated heating systems since the early 1980’s.   These were initially the linking of wood or multi-fuelled burners to oil and gas fired boilers.  Even in those days we had twin coiled cylinders manufactured to facilitate these designs.

Our direct involvement with underfloor heating began in 1992 and steadily evolved.  We became technical consultants to Unipipe (later to become Uponor) and were instrumental in the first BSRIA technical guide for underfloor heating.  A publication used widely throughout the underfloor heating industry.

During this time Radiant developed its design consultancy side to promote the integration of different technologies.  During the late 1990’s the acceptance of renewable energy solutions such as solar thermal and heat pumps moved the direction of the business to embrace this.   It is never straightforward to bring together different technologies in one compatible integrated system.  That is why Radiant Heating Solutions made the decision to work with a small number of manufacturing partners.  Because of this we have a totally compatible integration package for all the technologies.