Ground source heat pumps integration

Ground source heat pumps can be linked to just about any other type of heat generation equipment.  This makes them well suited for adding on to an existing heating system that uses a normal boiler.  For new or upgraded systems the possibilities are endless.

PDF (GSHP-Solar Integration)

Types of integration

There are two types of integration, hybrid and system integration.


With hybrid integration the ground source heat pump is linked into an existing central heating system.   This will require a small additional buffer tank that links into the main flow/return pipes of the boiler.  Both boiler and heat pump can run the heating and hot water either together or separately.

With the hybrid system the ground source heat pump can only do what the boiler is doing.  For a more diverse arrangement you need the full system integration.

System Integration

With a full system integration design you can have the ground source heat pump to carry out any function to suit your requirements.  You could just have it doing the underfloor heating where it will be most efficient or linked to any other part of the system.  The ground source heat pump can link in with solar thermal, oil or gas boilers & wood stoves.  It can provide heating and cooling (via fan coils) for the whole building.

Putting together an integrated system can be quite complex and if you are unsure about how to do this then we can design the system for you.  There is a design fee for this of 15% of the cost of supplied products and equipment.

What to do next

If you know what you want go to the buy it tab of each section you require and purchase the items you need.

If you would like us to design for system integration then first fill out the get a quote forms from the relevant sections.  Finally fill out the design service form to let us know exactly what system you require.  You will get full plumbing and electrical drawings together with a quote for the equipment.  If that is too much then contact us via email and let us know what you trying to do.


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A buffer tank is a small water tank similar to a normal hot water tank in appearance. When using solar to integrate into the heating system the buffer tank has a heat exchanger coil fitted. The buffer tank is mainly used with a heat pump. The buffer tank acts as a heat store between the heat pump and heating circuits and maintains correct operation of the heat pump when radiators or UFH circuits become satisfied. The heat pump will shut down when the buffer tank reaches a normal running temperature (30 - 45ºC). Therefore the buffer tank prevents the heat pump from continually turning on and off when running small or partial heat loads.