Why do I need a system design?

Only skilful competent persons should attempt to design a heat pump installation.  Why?  Because the risks of getting things wrong will prove to be a disappointment and could be very expensive to rectify.

For those of you who want to install the products yourselves Radiant will specify the system components and layout details. You will receive a CAD layout of the plumbing showing pipe runs and pipe sizes.  An electrical CAD layout showing how to wire up the various system components.  And finally a quoted bill of materials listing out all the components you require.

Many considerations need to be assessed before installing a heat pump.  When Radiant design a system installation with commissioning you will benefit from full access to grant funding or off-set payments from the forthcoming Renewable Heat Incentive.  You can be assured that the heat pump will be sized correctly to meet the heat load. 


If you would like the design service the please fill out the Heat pump quote form and tick the box marked system design. 

You must also fill out the system design form so that we can get a complete picture of your requirements.


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