Why our ground source heat pumps?

Technical know how
Over 25 years we have built up a wealth of knowledge on energy efficient heating systems.  We know how to correctly size a heat pump in order to give the right amount of heat for any building, throughout the year.  We know how to make a heat pump work with any type of heating system.  And we know how to link a heat pump in with other heating plant for complete system integration schemes.

Right for our climate
Radiant Heating Solutions Ltd has designed a range of ground source heat pumps suited for the UK climate.  Typical ground temperatures in the UK are between 5 and 10 degrees C.
Made for Radiant by Dismy Environmental Products, these heat pumps use the very latest refrigeration technologies. 

Large range
Our single phase units have output ranges from 6kW to 10kW with single compressors and 12kW to 24kW with twin compressors.  Our 3 phase units range from 14kW to 60kW.  All of them can do heating and hot water and they can also be specified to do cooling if required.

What you get at a glance
All our heat pumps use scroll compressors, R407c (or R410a) refrigerant gas, 316 grade stainless steel heat exchangers and micro-processor controls.  We do not fit auxiliary heaters to boost the performance in very cold weather.  The output from the heat pumps will always be sufficient for full load heating and hot water.  We also fit as standard the water circulation pumps.  Our heat pumps are easy to install by plumbers, electricians and any competent DIY person.

It is very important to size the heat pump correctly for the job it is going to do.  In our comprehensive range will be the correct sized unit for your project.  The outputs from our machines are based on a ground temperature of 0 degrees C and a heated water flow of 35 degrees C.  This is the European standard measurement for heat pumps and will normally be displayed as B0/W35.  When comparing different heat pumps it is important the make sure that the stated output always relates to this standard.

The performance of a heat pump is referred to as the co-efficiency of performance (COP).  This in simple terms is the relationship to the amount of energy used to the amount generated.  If the heat pump uses 1kW of electricity and produces 3kW of heating water the COP would be 3.
The performance of a ground source heat pump may vary according to the outside temperature and the heating water temperature.  To learn more please go to our how to specify ground source heat pumps page.


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These are typically electric elements rather like an immersion heater that will be switched on to boost the output. These are very common in ASHP installations and also in some GSHP installations. They will either be fitted in the heat pump cabinet or alternatively in the buffer tank.