Solar Heating Installation

The collector forms the heart of the Radiant Solar system. These are fully assembled in 6, 12 or 18 tube configurations ready to mount onto the roof. The Radiant Solar collector is fitted above the tile or slate with a roof mounting kit. This kit will have a number of brackets that fix to the rafters and come out under a tile or slate. The end of the bracket steps up above the tile or slate and on to this a rail is fixed. For some roof types such as flat or corrugated sheet, a special screw bolt is used in place of the bracket. Each collector has two or more of these rails and the collector is fitted to the rails with a simple lock claw.

solar heating installation

The collectors will perform to there highest level of efficiency when mounted on a south facing roof. However, the design of the tube and the CPC mirror allows for many different orientations. Flat roofs and wall mountings require an ‘A’ frame bracket to position the collector at the correct inclination. These different orientations and methods can be seen in the Ritter Planning Guide.

Download Ritter planning guide (3MB)

Getting access to the roof is very easy with a new building or one that is being completely renovated. This is because there will at some point be scaffolding erected which gives safe, easy access to the roof.
An existing building poses a bit more of a challenge because a safe working platform has to be especially erected. One of the simplest methods is a scaffold tower and roof ladders, all of which can be hired from local hire companies. Health and Safety precautions must be taken at all times when working at height.

Connecting the collectors via the pump to the hot water cylinder has to be done with compression type fittings and either copper pipe or flexible stainless steel tube. Soldered fittings must not be used because of the very high temperatures of these solar systems.

Radiant will either provide a basic kit for the more experienced installer or a complete kit of DIY installation.

A basic kit will typically include;
• The collector or collectors
• The roof mounting kit
• The solar pump station
• The correctly sized solar expansion vessel
• The solar controller and sensors

A complete kit will have all the above with the addition of;
• Pre-insulated flexible stainless steel solar hose
• Adaptor fittings for solar hose
• Roof access flashings (weathering slates)
• Solar fluid (special anti-freeze)

Additional items for system integration schemes;
• 3 port diverting valve and actuator
• Additional tank of collector sensors
• Single or twin coil solar hot water cylinders and buffer tanks

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The term CPC stands for Compound Parabolic Concentrator and refers to the special mirror behind the evacuated tubes. This mirror greatly improves the energy absorption of the tube resulting in more energy generation.