What is solar PV?

There are two types of Solar, the first is Solar Heating and the second is Solar P.V. which stands for Photo Voltaic.

Solar PV is a method of absorbing the suns radiant energy and using it to generate electricity.  There is tremendous power in the sun which can be turned into electricity for home consumption and to export to the National Grid.

The idea with PV is that the sun hits the surface of the solar panel and excites electrons in the crystalline material just below the glass. That excitation allows current to flow, which can be used to charge batteries, or can be converted to AC (alternating current) that can power our typical electrical devices, from computers to refrigerators to lights, etc. It doesn’t matter if anything gets hot in this scenario; we are only concerned about making electricity.
All the Solar Panels for PV are flat panels that can be mounted on a roof or on a rack or pole on the ground.

The government has introduced a feed in tariff scheme (FITS) that sets out precisely what you can expect to be paid for the electricity you use and generate.

To fully benefit from FITS you must have the system installed and commissioned by an MCS accredited electrician.  If you haven’t got your own accredited electrician then Radiant can provide this service for you. 

A Radiant Heating Solutions PV system is a very cost effective way of generating electricity.  Although we specify the high quality German Schuco product our sales prices are extremely competitive.  Please check these out with our price examples on the Buy It Now page.  All our Schuco PV panels are MCS listed and therefore qualify for FITS.


MCS is the government backed Micro generation Certification Scheme. Anyone wishing to obtain any form of grant funding must have their system installed by those who hold an approved certificate.