Underfloor Heating (UFH) Installation

Radiant Radfloor can be installed by anyone with basic plumbing knowledge as it is light and easy to use. The pipe is delivered in individual coils that are easy to handle. The form stability of our multi-layered pipe makes it very easy to unroll along the floor. There is no need for the expensive floor panels that other companies use to hold the pipe steady. When you bend the pipe around the floor it will hold the shape ready for a staple clip to keep them in position on the floor insulation.underfloor heating in position

Experienced installers can purchase directly all UFH materials and equipment for their own schemes. For the DIY and Building Developer market a colour coded CAD layout will be provided to make the installation even easier. Our easy to follow UFH installation guide gives simple step by step guidance for the entire process.screed floor

The pipe is easy for one person to handle and lay into the floor. The form stability allows the pipe to hold its shape even before it is clipped to the insulation. Laying down the pipe can be done with one person, especially when using the pipe clip rail.suspended floor

A complete novice would be able to lay the pipe even if they have never done so before. For a solid screed floor with an area of up to 40m2 would take one person one day to lay. Other floor types such as suspended timber and floating floor would take a little longer.laying ufh

Radiant have a number of specialist underfloor installation companies that cover the UK. We even have teams that can install the system and then screed the floor with liquid screed. This gives the end user a one stop solution and a guaranteed performance. If you would like to find out more either call our office or fill in the quote request form.

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A Computer Aided Design layout is a floor plan of the building with colour coded pipe design and information pertaining to each room.