What are the benefits of underfloor heating (UFH)?

Space savings. More room for furniture because all the walls are free of radiators.

Health and Hygiene. A warm floor kills dust mites; they cannot live when the moisture level is below 40% in the air-floor area. This reduces the risk to asthma sufferers. Also there are no draughts and less dust in the rooms.

Aesthetics. You can design your home interior to suit you rather than the heating engineer.

Labour savings. Cleaning is easier, wet floors dry very quickly and decorating becomes easier without the clutter of radiators.

Comfort. Your feet work like a thermostat, if they are warm, you are warm. If the floors are cold then you feet will be cold and your will feel cold. Heat moves upwards not sideways or downwards.

Silence. No creaks and groans like copper pipes and radiators, just pure silence.

Cost effective. Normal radiators work with water at 50 – 80 deg’ C. UFH requires water at only 30 – 45 deg’ C. The boiler or heat pump is not required to work so hard and so saves on running costs.

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