Radiant Heating Solutions integrated systems takes energy from the sun, the air or the ground, storing this in 'heat cells' or buffer tanks and delivering it to both space heating and hot water requirements.

All heat generation and heat distribution equipment is produced exclusively for Radiant in joint ventures with a small number of manufacturers. A Radiant system provides total comfort and the wellbeing of those occupying the building and is assured by two important facts. First, Radiant have been designing and supplying energy efficient systems for over 15 years. Second, because all equipment is manufactured for Radiant there will never be any compatibility issues. With a Radiant Heating Solutions system you get a complete engineered solution for all heating, cooling and ventilation applications.

Radiant Heating Solutions have a very simple 3 step approach to renewable technologies and underfloor heating.

1. Buy it now
If you know what you want go straight to that section and order the items you require. There you will find everything you need at buy direct prices with an easy to follow order form.

2. Get a quote
If you know what you need but want some help to sort out the specification and quantities then we will quote you for these items. All we need are plans of the site and building with the construction details and your personal requirements. For this service there is a small service charge of 5% added to the cost of materials. Go to the relevant section or sections and fill out the quote request form.

3. Design service
Whether you are unsure or know what you want but don't know how to put it all together, then we will design a complete system for you. The design will include all mechanical & electrical drawings together with a bill of materials. For this service there is a higher service charge of 10% for the technical skills of our consultant heating engineers. Go to the relevant section or sections and fill out the design request form.

  • solar power

    Radiant Solar heating uses a high performance ‘on roof’ evacuated tube collector with a special parabolic mirror giving the best in type energy yield.  Our collectors work all year round and even in weak sunlight. They provide both hot water and central heating.

    Soon to be added to our web site is our solar electricity (PV). This is already available, please email for direct prices of kits from 1kW to 4kW and above.

  • heat pumps

    Take heat from the air or the ground with our wide range of heat pumps. Radiant heat pumps have 240 volt machines with outputs up to 24kW for domestic installations and 415 volt machines in excess of 60kW for commercial applications.

    A full range of accessories are available for a complete heating or cooling system.

    We design, supply and commission to ensure you get a perfectly working system.

  • underfloor heating

    Get the best products at the best price.  The Radiant ‘Radfloor’ system is simple to use and easy to install.  It can be fitted into any type of floor and overlaid onto existing floors. 

    You can buy all the equipment direct from us and when required we’ll design the layout to suit any building and any heat source.  We can even install it and screed your floors for a complete package with guaranteed performance.

  • Integration

    Not sure how to get the best out of adding other heating appliances to your system?  Wondering if solar heating can do more than just hot water?  Well now you can get a professional design service to link together heat energy generators with heat storage and heat distribution systems. 
    Make the most out of the renewable technologies by adding value and comfort to your buildings and reducing energy consumption and running costs.

  • Architects

    To take advantage of energy efficient heating and cooling systems buildings need to be designed in ways that best embrace these new technologies. 

    Radiant have the knowledge and experience to assist in the design and planning stage to get the best performance for a building.  Code level 4 buildings are now easier to achieve using renewable technologies and harnessing rainwater and surface drainage schemes.

  • Professionals & Self Build

    New legislations and the desire to save energy are having a dramatic impact on the way we build.

    What is the best solution and how much will it cost?

    If you need help with your project and want to know how to get the best for your money then Radiant will put together a cost effective solution for you.  Keeping your running costs down and your comfort levels up.